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North Face app

I downloaded this app to purchase winter jackets etc, since the upgrade I am not able to see anything but resorts Such a waste of phone space and time I dont ski, I love ur winter jackets...instead of having this option at my digure tips I have to resort back to going on your website I guess I am just going to stick with sporting life website then or better yet Canada Goose Thanks for not creating a separate app or a link on d previous app for your skiing pleasures


There should be a "0" stars option. App doesnt even work anymore.

Well done North Face! FAIL!

This was my go to app for years. Doesnt work anymore. Absolutely useless and no point in downloading. Sad.

Bad app, bad outerwear?

I dont understand how companies dont find that neglecting one area of there business gives customers the impression that the other sectors of there business are just as awful.

No snow reports?

My favorites are gone and I cant add any locations. There are no resorts anywhere that have new snow according to this app. I uninstalled every other ski report app last year because this was my favorite.


Used this application for the 2014 season and loved it, however a update that rolled out this fall broke the functionality. Ive attempted to contact North Face but it doesnt appear that a fix is imminent. If they dont want to support the application anymore, it should be removed from the store.

Cant add ANY ski area

This version lost all my previous ski areas and wont/cant find any now. Useless. Used to be good.

Used to be great, no longer useful

This used to be my favorite app for getting the Tahoe snow status, but now its just plain broken. All my saved resorts are gone and I can no longer add any new ones. Deleting.

Please bring back the goodness

I used to live and die with this app. What happened. Please make it work again.

What was once decent is now useless

I dont know what happened but this app has beck me completely useless. Could it be incompatible with the new iOS? All my saved resorts disappeared. Whats worse, however, is that the app search function is not working so I cant even build a new list. Totally broken app. Time to find a new one.

Doesnt Work

No resorts, cant add any, and global list doesnt show any resorts with snow. Just take it off the App Store already.

Used to be good, not anymore

Used to be a good app, now it wont do anything. No reports, no favorites, nothing. I expect a lot more out of The North Face. Very disappointing.

Doesnt work

Cant find any resorts. I tried everything. Fortunately its worth every penny......which is zero

Ap not working

Ap doesnt work period. Type in a resort doesnt search.


Used to be good, now worthless!

No snow reports.

Type in any mountain... Nothing comes up at all. Only thing that works is the news feed which is useless.

North Face Snow Report App

I used to use this app all the time during the winter to check conditions at various ski areas. Up until about a couple of weeks ago it lost all of my resorts and I havent been able to restore any of them. Ive tried repeated re-installations of the app but Im unable to load any resorts rendering the app useless. I sent an email to Northface about the app not being useable and they just said to reload it. The REI snow report is actually equal or perhaps a bit better than the Nortface app. Unless Northface fixes the app dont bother loading it.

App Does Not Work

I just downloaded it and the darn thing isn’t even working. Boooo!

Complete Joke

Useless app. Cannot even add a single ski area to my resorts list without crashing. Now deleted.

Base depth?!

Really needs to list base depth on summary screen. Otherwise works fine on iPhone 6s.

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